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domingo, junho 24, 2007

N O V O _C D - N e w _C D


Clorofila Azul - Time Circle

01 Dead Fish
02 Hipnotic Dylan
03 New Fire Place of Fairytales
04 Reborn Fish
05 Its The Beat
06 Naked In The Rain
07 Spiral
08 Je ne comprend pas
09 Eternal Wheel
10 Waiting
11 Church of Noise
12 Tired
13 Beat
14 Lonelly Cowboy
15 Where Is My Time

Clorofila Azul - Hugo Santos: Samples, Guitarra, Voz, Teclados, Poemas, Design
AL Brown: voz em “Je Ne Comprend Pas” (England).
Simone-Maria Anderssen: Voz em “Waiting” (Sweeden).

Programas: Acid Pro6.0, Sound Forge 8.0, Guitar Rig 1.0, Luxonix Purity.
Gravado em casa de Abril a Julho de 2007. Portugal.

BigNoseProductions 2007


segunda-feira, maio 07, 2007

A M P H E X A N D C L O R O F I L A A Z U L :


A M P H E X _ A N D _ C L O R O F I L A _ A Z U L :

Amphex Is Proud To Announce That We Are In An New Collabortaion With The Artist From Portugal: Hugo Santos And His Musical Project Clorofila Azul.

We Are Working On An New Album, The Combination Of Words And Sounds Are Melted Together With Beats And Voices.

We Would Also Like To Create Some Art Work Together With Hugo Santos, If Possible.

Stay Updated And Keep Your Vision For The Release.

Thank You For Your Time!



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